Oregon Physical Therapists in Independent Practice FAQ's

Who runs OPTIP?

OPTIP is run by an elected member-board. "The board" are independent business owners aligned with the same governance and compliance interests as any other non-corporate, Independent, PT-lead practice, in Oregon.

Why bother with OPTIP?

Special interest groups are part of government, and Healthcare is the biggest component of government spending. And because of that, well-represented corporations have a lot of say in policies that affect the industry and competition. OPTIP helps Main Street businesses STAY independent with support and representation.

What has OPTIP ever done?

OPTIP has been a part in many policy discussion over the last 30+ years. In fact, Oregon is one of the most PT friendly states because of influence by groups like OPTIP and the NWRA. Most recently, OPTIP advocated against Medicare reimbursement cuts, and publicly called-out unfair prior authorization processes.

What do my membership dues go towards?

Your dues go towards retaining a healthcare law firm to continually represent us and be part of our conversation. They also go towards things like hosting events and brining-in more tools and resources.

If I have a legal problem will OPTIP represent me?

Engrav law has a practice dedicated to healthcare law and is proud to extend discounted legal services to OPTIP members if you ever need council. They are also happy to engage in our conversations within the community and can be DM'd (direct messaged) if you need help with a quick question.

Why would I share business strategy with competition?

Physical Therapy is a mature industry. We all run the same business model. And the demand for PT services is higher than ever. This is all to say...we're all in the same boat. Interpreting compliance jargon, deciding on new software, considering how to structure compensation packages...there's SOP's for this when you're a clinical director at a corporate clinic. OPTIP is for the independent physician-owner. We save PT clinic owners time so they can focus on PT.

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